Friends, Paint, Hope

I love my friends.

When I was at CMU, I went to a church called His House. There are some Incredible artists at His House. A few of my friends from college came down to Northpointe this Friday to paint a mural in my school. But the cool thing was that they had kids paint over 50% of it! Wow, it turned out so cool!

The cool thing is that students are going to be able to look at it, take pride and ownership in the painting. I was so proud to have my friends there and they made the students feel so important. It is going to be so much fun to walk through that stairwell and think about  Jesse, Amber and Morgan hanging out with my favorite kids. I love my friends! IMG_1234 IMG_1230 IMG_1224 IMG_1250 IMG_1246 IMG_1209 IMG_1199 IMG_1188


One Reply to “Friends, Paint, Hope”

  1. You have awesome friends Joe! And I think it was a phenomenal idea to involve the kids in painting. Will give them a sense of pride and ownership of keeping the school beautiful. Well done!

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