A whole new world, Adams High School and Northpointe Academy

I am a relationship person. I get it from my mom, who is rich in friendship, full of wisdom and and carries a wonderful glow when she enters into conversation about your life. So I have always valued my relationships since I was young with my family and friends to keep them healthy.

Before I got a job at Northpointe, I was a student teacher at Adams High School in Rochester with James Ferden (Director of Bands). Long story short, I loved my experience there. I learned so much from Mr. Ferden and became so close with the students. When my student teaching was done, I had felt like I had the best dinner ever. It was SO good! I still keep in very close contact with many of them and get to see them outside of school.

There have been about eight students from Adams that have even come down to help me in my classroom on their days off from school. I can’t tell you how honored it makes me feel to see that students at Adams don’t only have a heart for me but for my kids as well at NPA.

Three of my friends from Adams, Matt, Michelle and Zach in particular wanted to do something to help my school for the Holidays and started this huge push within the music program at Adams High School to support my school and our beautiful families. I was invited to speak about my school at their Christmas concert. Since the concert my school has received Food, instruments, christmas presents, clothes, school supplies, and more! I am blown away, thank you so much! Thanks for teaming with us.


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