My After School Program: Brother to Brother

Sometimes the boys need a little extra weight to get that extra muscle : )

Sacrifice and pay the price, don’t stop till you win, Crowns will be giving to those who endure till the end, victory was meant to be fought for with integrity, castles in the sand never ever leave a legacy, kings have been quoted, but dogs only bark, the pathway is loaded so don’t ever lose heart, He said to question your motives when you’re lost in the dark, and when you can’t find your way you need to start with a spark, hope for this life has been born in us, a soldier his strength is in the truth he trusts, into the valley of darkness we go, we have no fear, we have no foe..

This is part of a page and a half long poem that my boys in Brother to Brother (B2B) memorize as part of their after school work out. Let me set the stage for you.

After school on Tuesdays and Wednesdays I hang out with about 25 6th-8th graders. They are part of a program I head up called Brother to Brother. The goal of Brother to Brother is to really raise up a generation of strong men to become leaders in their families and in the workplace. I have to tell you, I love this! I’m all in with B2B and the kids love it too.

When B2B starts after school, they boys change into work out clothes and we stretch out football style, in a circle, shouting numbers, getting pumped up! (totally not really “me,” but the kids don’t know that haha)

After that I blast some Lecrae and Toby Mac from thesound system in my room and the boys run the school. This consists of Laps and stairs, After about 15 min we get back to the room for our upper body work out. The kids do lots of push ups and sit ups, helping each other, standing on each other’s feet, helping new boys to do good push ups. The cool thing is they love to encourage each other to be leaders. I hear lots of  “C’mon, you can do it, one more!” “Let’s Go!” “How you feel!?, fired up!” It’s a cool thing to be part of.

Each Kid wears a pair of Dog tags, one with their name, and one that says “Be strong and Immovable,” which brings me to the best part of B2B.

Each day we talk about the pillars of manhood. Serving our families, being leaders in relationships, engaging with each other, challenging each other, living with integrity and strength, honor and truth. We talk about what what it means to be “strong and immovable,” those that know me know where I got that and I am able to share that with the Kids as well.

I have been ecstatic about the interest in the program, and some of the kids really are stepping up as leaders in the school and in B2B time! Motivating and leading each other.

Like I said, each kid has a pair of Dog Tags (compliments of and Clayton Winkler), as the boys progress through the program they are able to test for different colors around their tags as a representation of their commitment to B2B and it’s values.

Green, Purple and Black.

These Colors mean a lot to them as a sign of status and character. To test for green the boys must do 30 good pushups, memorize  the poem “A man’s story,” serve a teacher for 2 hrs before or after school, demonstrate leadership  during the school day, and show an understanding of the pillars of manhood that we talk about.

Darell and Tazeon show off their new green tags, the first step in B2B after receiving your tags.

It’s always a good time, c’mon by and work out with us! Every Tuesday and Wednesday 4:00-6:00 p.m.

Sam FranjiONE (rapper) speaks to the boys in B2B about Adversity.
Sam FranjiONE (rapper) speaks to the boys in B2B about Adversity.
Sometimes the boys need a little extra weight to get that extra muscle : )
Sometimes the boys need a little extra weight to get that extra muscle : )



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  1. I love this! These young men look so coooool with their great smiles, and dog tags too! Mr. V you are so honored to be with the future leaders of our community. I see only great things lying ahead for America.

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