Martha Luther King

1st grade


Mr. V: “Free at Last, Free at Last, Thank God Almighty I am Free at last!”

Mr. V: Who said those words?

Class: You did Mr. V!

Mr. V: Yes, I just said them, but who said them first?

Student: Martha Luther King!

Mr. V: Very close : )



Cute moment


What being a teacher feels like

I am a new teacher. I am learning an incredible amount on how to teach effectively, manage behavior, connect with students, teach music, deal with the political side of teaching, etc.

I have had moments where I want to go buy myself a trophy based on how well a lesson or day went. I have also had days where after my students have left the room, I have locked the door and kicked a chair across the room, swearing under my breath. I’ve thrown a bucket or a pair of drum sticks at the wall in frustration with myself. It sometimes brings an incredible amount of frustration and of a sudden my inner dialogue turns into 3rd person, you really think you can do this, Joe?

With all this said, I have learned to control my emotions a bit more and choose, often, to take a “Big Picture” view of teaching. Sometimes the day goes well, really well! And sometimes it sucks, a lot. Sometimes it’s my fault for not preparing as much as I should, sometimes it isn’t.

Here is a funny little video I put together in a “Video Diary” format for you to catch a glimpse of my conscience.