Beasts of The Beat

I started a before school group called “Beasts of the Beat.” These kids were hand picked by me. There are nine of them 4th-8th grade. I wanted to start getting these kids writing.

Working with this group has been interesting. As the teacher in the group we are fighting the tension of popular writing and I am looking to not just give them a voice, but to give them something to say.

I am trying this through mentoring and relationships. Praising progress and forward motion in the verses they write as I see them realize the potency of their words. I’m trying to curb the writing style from self glorification/sex and pretend lives to social justice, commitment and character. It’s a hard turn, it’s gradual and consistent.

They have started challenging each other like, “why are you rapping about that? that’s not even the life you are living.” Forward progress.

Watch their Debut Video and keep an eye out for them. These guys are starting off right, I’m happy to be behind them.


3 Replies to “Beasts of The Beat”

  1. Just saw these talented young men on FOX 2 singing a Christmas rap and they had my baby girl and I singing and dancing in my living room! These boys are amazing and an inspiration! God bless Joe Vercellino for mentoring these fine young men and giving them the opportunity to express themselves through the gift of music and doing it in a positive way. Its obvious to see there’s a lot of love in the group and these boys support each other. Its so good to see. Keep it up Beast of the Beat! Im gonna be singing “Its Christmas Day!” in my head all day now 🙂

  2. Hello! Love the post on Beasts of the Beat! I’m currently planning a rapping unit for my Grade 6 class. I hope to use your group as a model for respectful rapping as we progress through the stages. Do you think one or a few of your group members would be interested in skyping with my class? Do you have any other ideas for me on how to begin? I planned to have them begin with rapping easy storybooks first, then some poems, then eventually into more impactful lyrics.

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