Teaching: Learning the Balance

I just started my second year teaching, and recently heard a program on NPR about how teaching has a 50% retention rate after the first 5 years of teaching. Wow! Almost half of all teachers leave the field before 5 years into the profession. 

I have often pondered the thought, “will I be part of the 50%.”

I catch myself having conversations with myself as a teacher, how do people do this year after year? Last year was so exhausting, I know it was my first year, but seriously, I don’t even know if I’m fully recovered after summer!” ; )

I resolved that my first goal to commit myself to this year was to Emotionally pace myself; in essence, I need to balance my life better. Maybe you are right there with me. 

As any teacher knows, teaching can consume your life. There is so much good to be done, so many kids to help, so many needs to be met. I need to be in on as much action as possible. Before school programs, the school day, after school programs, grading, paperwork, meetings, etc. Then I get home and I’m too tired to go on a run, too tired to pour into relationships, write a card, make a nice meal, have an in depth conversation and be pleasant.

When I came home most nights my first year teaching, just wanted to go to sleep.

This year is going to be different. After talking with my friend Gary Abud, I was introduced to the Five Pillars. I went on a run tonight to think about the five pillars in my life that I need to keep in balance to sustain and support me.

While I was running tonight, I was praying God would bring 5 pillars to my mind that I will keep in balance this year. 

1. My relationship with God (specifically morning quiet times before heading into school)

2. My relationships outside of School (Heather, my family, my church, and close friends)

3. Healthy timeImage (eating healthy, running, working out, going on walks)

*for any teacher that is looking for some clarity and peace of mind, consider running and praying (before or after work). Try it for 2 weeks and let me know if it has impacted you at all.

4. Time to be creative (song writing, design work, dreaming, brainstorming, reading interesting articles)

5. My life as a teacher (being 100% there for my kids at school, planning lessons and executing them well, encouraging staff daily, only staying after 3 days a week to work and run programs)

I am going to pay attention to these five areas and stay dedicated to it.

Good luck with your year teachers! 

“In all that you do, be present.”



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