Living a life of Balance: Week 3 : Shooting 85%

So I am starting week three of balancing my life, I would say I am shooting a solid 85% with my goals of balancing the five main areas of my life (God time, relationships, staying healthy, being creative, teaching well).

Honest grades I am giving myself with my goals:

1. Time with God : Grade /  A-

Specifically spending time reading and praying before school. I tend to try and soak as much sleep up as I can before getting up but I have been able to spend time reading my bible and praying during breakfast. Makes a big difference in my perspective going into the day. 

2. Relationships: Grade B+

I have been able to spend a lot of time with people that bring life to my heart. Heather is incredibly encouraging, got to spend a lot of time with my students from both Adams and NPA. One of the reasons I would give myself a B+ is because although I have students I treat like little brothers, pouring into them, helping to raise them up to be men. I also have my own brothers, and even though they are far away my investment in them must be just as strong if not stronger. I’d encourage any teach who is rocking relationships at work and with friends but is lacking in “family” or “home” relationships to let the love and service start at home. Make a small change today in this area, shoot a telephone call or a note in the mail. 

3. Healthy Time: Grade B+

I have chosen to spend time after school only 3 days a week. That means at least two days a week, I leave 20-30 minutes after school is out. I’ve gotten to get home and make some nice healthy meals, take a run to think, and spend time with my roommate, Ethan. 

4. Being Creative: Grade A-

I have been able to be personally creative, I made a video for my kids in Beast of the Beat for the lyrics in their latest song, you can take a listen HERE. I have also been working on their album cover for their upcoming EP on iTunes. 

5. Being a Teacher: Grade B+

I am up at 11:30 at night too often thinking about my lessons for the next day. It needs to happen earlier in the evening or right after school. Honestly, I am getter at No. 5 (Being a Teacher) when the first four are in balance. I hope that whatever your occupation is, you are finding that too. Starting week four tomorrow. Heading home to make my lunch so I can get a few more minutes of sleep in the morning. 


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