The day my Boss put a can of Grape Juice on my desk.

I have a memory from last year. It plays over and over in my head. But it’s one of those random memories where you wonder why you recall it so often.

I was sick, and teaching, should have taken the day off. It was kind of miserable. I was Stuffed up, congested, and achy. Half-way through my morning, the dean of students, my good friend Adam Fichter walked in and set a can of grape juice on my desk and walked out.

I’m a feeler, I was honored and touched. It inspired me actually, because I had seen Adam do little things for people at the right time very often. Today he picked me.

He knows how to motivate and inspire people. Being the Dean of Students is a hard job at NPA, handling almost every discipline problem in the school. Adam faces incredible amounts of negativity every day and continues to spark teachers hearts with carefully placed encouragement and thoughtful gifts.

Adam leads students with a humble heart, controlled spirit, and and interacts with them in a way that drips with authenticity and love.

He is the kind of person someone will make a movie about someday. Adam lives and breathes Detroit, Motor City through and through. He cares for the city through every kid he speaks into, and every dollar he spends. He knows everything about the music scene past and present and loves to teach me about it’s rich history. He makes me passionate.

How Adam’s grape juice changed the way I teach:

 I have learned to look for small opportunities to keep other staff encouraged. I take as many of the opportunities as I can and It makes happier.


Thanks for the grape juice, Mr. Fichter!


Twin  day at Northpointe.


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