Martin Luther King. 

Visionaries, peace-keepers, civil right fighters, passionate, loving, forgiving, convicted, and driven. They could see into the future!


(p.s. Jesus is still amazing because he is alive and strengthens me and lives in my heart)

They were world changers, the type of people we want to be like. Hoping that maybe a spark of their greatness and vision could land on us so that we could do great things as well. 

You know what else these guys have in common. They were all killed for doing what they were doing. Is this crazy or what? Why does our society kill our visionaries?

For anyone hoping to do anything great, I want to point something out that is very important to understand – Listen. People do not do amazing things without planning to do something amazing.  It’s not organic. If you want to do something great, make a plan, commit and go do it.

Kind of a touchy subject, ya know? Like, “oh, you want to be famous huh?” 

Not Quite.

Greatness is different. Greatness is on behalf of others, where you become the servant. That’s why it is a noble thing to pursue when you do it the right way.

But the further you set out to do something great, the further you row away from the shore of mediocrity and complacency, the harder your life will be. 

The more truth you speak, the more people will twist your words. 

The more you chase justice, the more people will try to talk you out of your convictions.

The more you selflessly serve people, the more others will question your motives.

Why? Because that’s what humans do. Don’t be surprised when you receive pushback for doing good things. 


The more you invest, the more tired you will be, no one will understand your burden except you. But it’s ok because you feast on a dream of what could be and that is enough to satisfy. 

Count your tired eyes and heavy heart as an honor. 













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