Summer Listening

Music is a wonderful cultivator. Exploring others creativity is a great way to spark your own, no matter what kind of artist you are. I thought I would post a couple artists I have been enjoying listening to this summer that make me think about things. 

(Hip-Hop) Propaganda “Crimson Cord” – Prop is a West Coast rapper, African American guy raised in a Latino community in Califorinia. He belongs to a group called Humble Beast. His raps are rich in culture and he speaks into a lot of social issues in our culture. His unique beats and flow are sure to capture your attention. 

Coldplay “Ghost Stories” (maybe for non-hip hop fans) – Coldplay is one of my favorite bands, Just released their latest album “Ghost Stories.” The lead singer, Chris Martin, recently went through a divorce as he was writing this album. It’s interesting listening to songs like “Magic,” through that lens. 

Find some thing to dance to, learn a new dance with some friends like the “DLow Shuffle.”Having some fun and dancing around with people is good for you. 


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